ZipIt 1.2.6 – Review

ZipIt 1.2.6

Ever have a need to get into a file that was meant for a IBM PC, like a word processing document, but could not because it was “Zipped”?

First, a “Zipped” file is what we mac users call a stuffed file. So zipped simply means file compression. And like Stuffed files, a Zip file may be art work, a document file, or anything of the like.

Well, with this handy program, you are now able to “unzip” any PC file you like!
Or you can Zip a Mac file to send to a PC user, but why would you want to? fraternizing with the enemy! (just kidding!)

I myself have only needed to use it twice, so I do not keep a copy on my Hard Drive. Once when a friend sent me some Window Icons he made, and once to read a Word file. Both time ZIPIT did a great job, and thus I recommend it for those doing also of cross platform work.

(I have heard that Stuffit can also unzip a zipped file, but both times I tried, it did not work.)

ZipIt is Shareware, and the cost is $10.00. It is drag and drop,fully scriptable,and works well, but not needed for most users. Only download this if you really think you may have a need to get into a compressed PC file. a


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